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An Equity Action Plan (EAP) is a transformative process to develop collaborative goals and objectives that embody critical shifts of structural, procedural, and overall, organizational improvement. The EAP includes features of metrics, indicators, alignment, descriptive tasks, budget, credible research and timeline to ensure deliverables. We have worked closely with all types of organizations to adopt an accountability framework that integrates seamlessly into the institution. Maintenance protocols and support is offered during the EAP implementation.  Organizations that complete the process are provided with a copyright license.


Equity Audits are a fact-finding process that grant an organization the opportunity to identify areas of strength and needed improvement. Our structure is designed to include the following: (1) a robust, collaborative needs assessment; (2) quantitative and qualitative methodology that includes the collection, synthesis and analysis of aggregate and disaggregated datasets over multiple years, if feasible; (3) a wide array of options for in-person and virtual interviews and focus groups; and, (4) customized surveys for different groups. The outcome of an Equity Audit is a comprehensive report that includes findings and evidence-based recommendations.


We have facilitated over 500 professional learning sessions across the country on the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), transformative leadership, organizational change theory, and more. We also offer customized training based on organizational needs. Our unique structure also lends itself to a multi-year, scaffolded learning approach to build employee  collaboration and connections. Our training sessions can be curated for 10 - 1,000 people. Our learning sessions have consistently rendered a satisfactionrate of 90%.


From leadership supports with Cabinet-level and

C-Suite members to coaching small cohorts of staff or individuals to contribute positively in support of organizational values, we offer a wide array of individualized reinforcements for the organization. Contact us for a free, no obligation screening to learn how we may collaborate, and provide positive and transformative supports that uplift the values of your organization at

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